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Welcome to the NZServers web site

There was a time when computers were expensive and out of reach of the average user. Thankfully now almost everyone can afford a computer. Luckily the same change is also happening around the designing,building and maintaining of websites.

Many effective web designers, such as those associated with NZServers,  now shy away from working for medium to large web development companies. These of course have large overheads that  must be passed onto  customers. Often these costs are passed on in the form of high ongoing web hosting fees. This means that although the initial cost for the design of the website may look cheap, you will end up paying much more to host and maintain your website.

NZServers Web shares resources with skilled and enthusiastic associates in New Zealand and Australia. This ensures that we are able to provide a very effective, prompt and high quality service, with ongoing support to our customers, without the high overheads!

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Affordable Web Design keeping people on your web site

A web site should reflect your business giving people the information they want.

We look at the latest technology to ensure your web site is seen across all major platforms from Smartphones to Wide screen desktops using a responsive web design.

For the small to medium size business we use a product called GetSimple CMS which this web site has been developed with.

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Web Hosting Plans

We have a simple range of plans geared for a small web site to a high powered web sites.
All our hosting plans include a control panel known as CPANEL which allows you to control your web hosting environment.
We cater for all levels for any hosting situation.

if you think the web hosting side is too hard you should be talking to us.

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Our HobHobbyiest Planbyist Hosting Plan

$65.00 per year

We have affordable web hosting plans such as our hobbyist plan, suitable for the tools which have produced this web site which works out at just over $5.40 per month, so there is no excuse for not getting your business on the web. 

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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Google

Most of us will have heard of the term 'Google it'

When it comes to your web site how will you be found?

Google has attracted an industry called 'SEO' which means Search Engine Optomisation'.

Unfortunately this attracts a lot of scammers who are after your dollar as opposed to your ranking.

With the number of scams Google attempts to place some validity to who you are.
Just attaching yourself to a search engine is no guarantee of a ranking.

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Love or hate computersComputers - Love or hate them

"Computers - are often a love hate relationship"

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier, where I'm sure you would have had your moments with a computer.

If you own a computer and wonder if there is an easier way to do things you are not alone, so please read on.

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