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General Support

New Support System

New Support Sysyem The new support ticketing system allows an escalation process to ensure your support request is actioned. A ticket is sent to all the support

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Elementor Page Builder

elementor “Elementor is a front-end drag & drop page builder for WordPress. Elementor lets you design any website, on any theme. It’s free and easy” I

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New Server

What a Mission Behind the scenes, we are constantly on the look out for a better solution The old server catered for the fastest way of

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DIY Website Builders

“There is no better insurance than the knowledge of how to do something the right way. There is no greater peace of mind than knowing you

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Mail Server

Mail Server Upgrade

The server currently uses Courier as the mail server, which supports POP3 and IMAP. We are changing the mail server from Courier to Dovecot in the

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Unmetered Accounts

Unmetered does not mean unlimited. While most people play fair, there a few people who abuse the amount of disk space used. Recently a client’s domain was

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Server Up Time

  99% uptime means the server could be down for 8 hours per year. The reality is servers crash for many reasons and when this happens

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Responsive Websites

The Future of the Web. Traditional web design is based on a fixed width suitable for the wide screen desktop. This web site has been designed to display screens ranging from Desktop computers with wide screens down to the small size of a smartphone. The future is here with NZServers helping you reach a larger market. This is a new exciting area of web development as

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GetSimple CMS Solution

We have GetSimple Packages from $400 cost upfront. The hosting is $45.00 per month which includes the domain fees and applying the latest security patches.
GetSimple CMS is a very popular package which does not require a MYSQL database making the package easier to install.

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WordPress CMS Solutions

We have WordPress Packages from $600 cost upfront. The hosting is $60.00 per month which includes the domain fees and applying the latest security patches.
WordPress is one of the most popular CMS packages with thousands of plugins to choose from extending the core functionality of WordPress.

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Support Frustrations

What defines any business is how they handle support issues For myself I shop on line being in a rural area as it’s so much easier

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Ecommerce Solutions

Originally there was an eCommerce solution with little room for anything else. The largest player in  the market was initially Oscommerce which has had a boom

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Web Trends

WordPress – the future of CMS platforms We did some exhaustive research using Google Trends when choosing a CMS platform to develop websites. (CMS – Content

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Computer Baggage

Unmetered Accounts

Computer Junk Files We have noticed a few accounts where  the size of the Account is growing out of control. From what I have seen some

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Web Design

We provide the hosting platform for many types of people and businesses including web developers. Under our own banner we offer a competitive web design service There are so many solutions on the market today it can become confusing which way to go. We have solutions for the small to medium size web sites using a CMS product called Getsimple CMS

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CSF Firewall

The Server Firewall

Some of you may have encountered the firewall and you will know all about being locked out.
It be so much easier for us to do away with the firewalls but then we would be in fools paradise.
We are serious in keeping people safe.

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