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General Support

First Published 16th Oct 2014

Fastpage CMS

The software was developed by NZServers back in early part of 2000.
The software was never charged being a FREE module we used to develop websites.
If we update the current PHP version of 5.3 most Fastpage sites will cease to work.
At that point your Fastpage website will be down.

We ceased deployments on Fastpage CMS on the 1st December 2013 as there were far better solutions to use with a far greater number of plugins, themes, and regular updates to help forge your website ahead.

We are already feeling the pain of people still using the out of date Fastpage CMS, which has meant we have had to hold back server updates for PHP. Trying to keep an aging CMS System running is not that far from trying to live in an aging apartment building. Ill-fitting fixtures, flickering electricity, and malfunctioning plumbing are just some of the daily struggles in those old buildings. Similarly, when the basic requirements of modern hosting are a struggle to maintain it has a severe and direct impact on every webhost’s quality of life.

We can not keep continuing to keep this module running at the expense of others, which is why on the 31st of August 2016 we will be updating PHP to a newer version as the first step in moving the server forwards.

Some of the code is now deprecated which will no longer work under PHP 5.4.
Currently, the server is running PHP 5.3 which will accommodate the current coding used in Fastpage.


Geek speaks, meaning "Some of code within the application has become obsolete and needs updating"
  • As none of these packages come with built in support we have patched the code so the software will run of future versions of PHP.
  • The reason for deprecated code is mainly because of security reasons where some code become vulnerable to attack by hackers. For this reason alone it is best that you get the package updated
  • PHP is the development language used to develop the application.
  • As upgrades to PHP are made some code becomes flagged by PHP as Deprecated and this means while the code is still supported with the current version of PHP the support for the code will be removed by future versions of PHP.
  • To make the code compliant we have to upgrade the code which means  there is a cost involved.
  • If you do nothing then at some point the applications will cease to work.
If you are curious - behind the scenes this is some of what we see when code becomes Deprecated using our development server. (these messages are suppressed on a live server as this wouldn't be a good look) This means we have to patch the code to make it compliant.
Some of the code patching involves a lot of work.
Deprecated: Function session_register() is deprecated in C:\home\public_html\xxxx\fastpage\admin\lib\menulistnew.inc.php on line 1095
Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in C:\home\public_html\xxxx\fastpage\lib\template.php on line 135

As a last resort, we have an update for Fastpage to 5.34 revision date 1st July 2014 to comply with PHP 5.4 which took a considerable length of time to update the code.

You need to be aware of the following:-

  • We have patched the code for Fastpage, but at some point, the patches may not be enough to future proof the product, due to the nature of PHP code being deprecated.
  • Version 5.43 date 1st July 2014 was the last upgrade made for Fastpage.
  • If Fastpage plugins were used none of these have been updated, such as the Fastpage Search Module, which I doubt if anyone is using.
  • The chances are your Fastpage site is not responsive and for this reason alone you should consider updating your site to another CMS.

Our recommendation is to upgrade to a WordPress Site or a GetSimple CMS site depending on the complexity of your existing site.
Some Fastpage sites use attachments like a form, gallery or booking modules – in these situations, the upgrade is not so easy as other modules are involved. Where other modules are involved, we strongly recommend you upgrade to another CMS.

If it’s not possible or expedient to upgrade then you can opt for the Upgrade options.

If you choose to Upgrade – Fastpage Only

If you choose to upgrade as a means of buying time, there is a cost involved.
Your Fastpage CMS system must be 5.34 revision date 21st June 2011.
Any thing older than that will have to be upgraded before any patches are applied.

For the average user the cost of the Fastpage CMS upgrade is as follows:-

  • $190.00 plus GST for Fastpage only for versions of fastpage 5.34 with a version date of 21st June 2011.
    • This includes taking a copy from the live server and creating a test copy on our local server.
    • This is to ensure the Fastpage version will work under PHP ver 5.4
  • $237.50 plus GST for Fastpage with a revision date is not 21st June 2011.

Backup copies of the data files and SQL data will be made before the upgrades are made.

If other modules are involved, the cost of these modules will have to be added

Forms Software Upgrade Link
Gallery Software Upgrade Link
Availability Software Upgrade Link

 May 5th, 2016