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A collection of interesting articles on building a website

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  • Thinking about a new website

    NZServers started in business as a web hosting provider. Initially, most clients found a web developer. As time went on web designers came and went leaving customers without a web developer. A few businesses we hosted were sold leaving the new owners trying to track down the web developer. By default, we got into web design to help clients out. If you are in that ...
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  • Responsive Websites

    The Future of the Web. Traditional web design is based on a fixed width suitable for the wide screen desktop. This web site has been designed to display screens ranging from Desktop computers with wide screens down to the small size of a smartphone. The future is here with NZServers helping you reach a larger market. This is a ...
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  • GetSimple CMS Solution

    We have GetSimple Packages from $400 cost upfront. The hosting is $45.00 per month which includes the domain fees and applying the latest security patches. GetSimple CMS is a very popular package which does not require a MYSQL database making the package easier to install.
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  • WordPress CMS Solutions

    We have WordPress Packages from $600 cost upfront. The hosting is $60.00 per month which includes the domain fees and applying the latest security patches. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS packages with thousands of plugins to choose from extending the core functionality of WordPress.
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  • Keeping people on your website

    If people can’t find what they are looking for they will click off A web site is judged by the person visiting your web site. What keeps a person on your web site is relevant information which is easily found. If a person can not find information they will click off until they find a site that does. A web site is telling a ...
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  • Web Design

    A good design is important, equally so is the content on your website. A lot of websites come into the category of what I call ‘Making a statement’ where there is the good design but poor on helpful content. For Example, You advertise a special and include a web link that would give people a link to more information When people use the ...
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  • Sharing Information

    From small beginnings in 1989, the internet has become part of our lives. Share relevant information was the original purpose of the web, sadly that objective seems to have got lost. There are a lot of packaged web plans that make nothing more than a statement, devoid of relevant information. A website is like telling your story except when you tell your story ...
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  • A website starts with planning

    A good place too start is to write a story about your business and think about what people would be looking for when they visit your web site. You need to put your thoughts down on paper or on a computer document. This will take a lot of thought before the design of your web site starts.
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  • Ecommerce Solutions OpenCart

    Opencart is our preference for dedicated shopping carts You can either install this yourself or get NZServers to install this for you. OpenCart is template driven where there are thousands of designs available. We can customise the default templates to your requirments. Most payment gateways are available including Payment Express in New Zealand. OpenCart Home Page
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  • Developing Trust

    Trust is so important for a web site. People need to know Who is behind a web site, is there is physical location or some type of map? Web sites without an identity are ‘Faceless web sites’ The Faceless Web A website needs to create trust – the problem is so many sites have no real identity to who the ...
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  • Dynamic vs Static Web Sites

    The technique used years ago was called a ‘Static’ web site where everything was controlled through a web designer for changes. This means the web designer would write the code and then upload the changes to the web server. Often this meant that your web site would become stale as no updates would be made as the process was too ...
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  • Website Design Costs

    The Design of a website starts at the planning stage, Information is gathered then a concept design is made which will be sent to you. The design may be from an existing template or we can create a ‘New’ design to reflect the look and feel of your web site. New designs are normally developed by Oliver Wilkinson from Aurora-arcade. ...
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