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We are have a very competitive business model. We specialise in hosting, building and maintaining websites for small and medium sized businesses.


There is a little DIY in all of us, depending on our spare time.
The first websites were static meaning the only way to change the site was to change the HTML code and FTP the changes to the server.
Our web hosting plans allow you to create your websites using the traditional methods above.
If you are savvy with PHP and MYSQL, then we can help you with a WordPress install or any other CMS systems you are familiar with

HTML, FTP, PHP,MYSQL  – if these words sound foreign then maybe DIY is not for you.

If DIY is not for you, then we can help you out with website design

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CMS Websites

CMS means Content Management System. We content is in a database.
These websites have around for many years which allows clients to update the content of their websites.
We offer two types of CMS systems

Advantage of CMS systems
GetSimple CMS

 DIY Websites

DIY websites are offered by some hosting companies as being easy to manage.
DIY websites is an old concept brought back to the market through better marketing and hopefully better technology. From what I have seen they have a long way to go to match the power of a CMS system like WordPress, OpenCart or GetSimple CMS.

More Information

This site has logic controls to what appears on the sidebars, plus many more controls behind the scenes.

 The key factor in website design is keeping people on your website


Research has shown that people spend 8 seconds to find what they are looking for

Whatever the solution the key factor is keeping people on your website and that means people being able to find information.
Research has shown that people spend 8 seconds to find what they are looking for otherwise they will click off and find a website that will give that information.

 When a website goes live the journey begins


Once a website is developed that’s the beginning of the journey as the judge of any website is the people who visit the site.

  • Some people may land on your site by mistake, clicking off quickly.
  • There will be those people looking for information who just want to find contact information so they can ring you.
  • There will be other people who visit your website after your business hours who are looking for information.
  • Those who can’t find the information will give up and click off

Without analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.


You have to measure the website and make improvements by looking at web data from tools like Google Analytics.
Being number one on Google keeps an industry alive which is full of promises giving hope of better days. SEO means search engine optomisation, where there are some good people but sadly a lot of scammers.