Update 16th March 2015

Secure Emails Only

This is just a short note to advise you that we have attached a signed secure certificate to the email services.
The certificate we have attached is secure2.nzhost.net.

What does this mean?

This only applies to clients using port 993/995 for receiving emails or port 465 for sending emails.
Some email software may question the certificate as this does not match the domain name. If this happens just accept the certificate.

GMAIL users

For people using GMAIL you can now use port 995 or 993 for the POP3 email settings if you are using GMAIL to retrieving your domain email A/C.

Web Mail

The unsigned certificate is still assigned at this point.

You have no idea of what this is all about

I hope none of you will have problems.
If your email client starts asking questions about settings and you are using secure email settings just accept the questions or the certificate.

Email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird will question the certificate, so please just accept secure2.nzhost.net.nz


You can ring me on 03 3156053 or 0274437083 if you need help.

Regards Mike