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General Support

Milestone Release of CPANEL ver 66

Cpanel is constantly being improved on.
The milestone release happened on the 31st August 2017.
If you are not familiar with CPANEL it’s time you got to know the admin interface.

Logging into CPANEL

if you don’t know your user name you need to contact us.
If you know your user name but not your password you can reset the CPANEL password as long as your CPANEL email address is correct.
A hint will appear for the email address.
If you are not sure you need to submit a support ticket

Setting up email accounts

CPANEL now makes it easy to setup and manage your email account.

Using webmail

Webmail is helpful for accessing your emails when you are away from your computer.
Webmail also has other features such as setting up autoresponders, plus accessing your email settings. 
Note we do not allow Box Trapper on our server.

Dealing with SPAM

This is a tricky one as no one likes SPAM nor do people like mail being marked as SPAM when it is genuine.
CPANEL lets you create mail filters on a Global or Individual email account basis.

The next video explains Global Email Filters

Changing the CPANEL style

You can change the style of your CPANEL account.
A lot of you may have the retro style which is not responsive.
The video below will show you how to change the style to a responsive style allowing you to use CPANEL on your smartphone.

Changing your contact details

It’s important that your contact details are correct including your email address and a 2nd contact email address.

This also allows you to receive notifications when your disk quota is reaching a critical threshold.

Please note this will not update your domain contact details, your billing contact details or any contact details you have on your website.

If you want us to update this for you please submit a support ticket (charges may apply)

Tracking email deliveries

CPANEL allows you track what happens with emails.

We get a lot of requests asking what has happened with a particular email.

Feel free to lodge a support ticket if you want us to do this.
Please remember that if you ask us to track what happens to an email for a feature that you could have used yourself we charge for such requests.

 September 16th, 2017