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Category: Helpful Information
Topics: botnet

Malware creeps onto your computer through infected emails or as the result of visiting an infected website. Part of the infection can create a Botnet […]

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Checking for Malware

Category: Helpful Information
Topics: Malware

Antivirus software can only do so much and will sometimes miss malicious code. Malaware Bytes is software specifically designed to check for Malware which may […]

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Email Forwarder

Category: Cpanel, Email
Topics: email forwarder

NZServers – How to add or delete a forwarder

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SSL Certificate for NZServers

Category: Cpanel, Email
Topics: SSL Support

Situation now resolved with the new CPANEL version

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Webmail – Accessing your Webmail

Category: Cpanel
Topics: web Mail

NZServers access to use your webmail

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Logging into CPANEL

Category: Cpanel
Topics: Logging into cPanel, Request New Password

How to log into CPANEL plus how to request a new CPANEL password

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Controlling Spam

Category: Cpanel, Email
Topics: spam

Spammers are getting clever by using other people’s computers to send spam through. Spam Assassin There is an option in SPAM Assassin where you can […]

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Using Gmail to Receive Emails

Category: Email
Topics: Gmail Settings

There are many email clients out there. Wouldn’t be nice to centralise all your emails in one place using your own email address by using GMAIL.

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Excessive Email Polling

Category: Email
Topics: Blocked IP, Excessive Polling

Many of you you may have been caught by being locked out of the server through excessive email polling. This may block your IP from the server.

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