This is a guide to what the costs may be

Your web site is built with a provision to accept Google Analytics code, which is a small amount of code which resides on every page of your web site.
You can do this yourself, but if you don’t have the time you can get NZServers to do this for you.

The 1st Month – Cost $300

We register your site with Webmaster Tools
As part of the process you will be sent a postcard from Google with a verification code to validate your street address.
You will be registered with Google Analytics where the code will be submitted to your web site.
You will also be attached to Google Maps where we have to know the following information:-

Your business category – example we are web hosting
Your hours of business
A profile picture
A summary statement of your business

The 2nd Month – Cost $250

It may take several months to get some decent data before any analysis can be made.
Once we get some good data we can measure and make recommendations of where to make improvements if required to your website.
A web site is judged by the people who visit the site, so these are the people you need to take notice of.

This makes a total cost of $550.00 at which point any involvement after that would be to keep an eye on the web site.
The above costs do not include any modifications required to get your website working correctly.

At that point you can decide to what involvement NZServers will have with your web site.
If we have used a CMS system you can choose a monthly maintenance plan of $45.00 per month or you can request this on demand for $140.00 to analyse how the web site is going.
Depending on the CMS some generate an XML site map.
Because of the complexities involved it is best you contact us or use the form below to enquire online.


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 October 31st, 2014