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General Support

What defines any business is how they handle support issues

For myself I shop on line being in a rural area as it’s so much easier to shop this way, or so I thought.
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  • I dealt with one of the largest companies in New Zealand to buy a ‘Sun Lounger’.
  • The price was right but the delivery charges cost more than twice the product.
  • This company has an option to collect from the store for a cost of $4.00, but still the online store was going to charge me $80.00 for freight.
  • I rang the store closest to me and they couldn’t locate a sun lounger.
  • I rang support and for once I was I was handed the usual platter of nonsense, except the online store stock was separate from the bricks and mortar stores.
  • I found I could order 56 folding chairs for $4.00 freight delivered to a store but my sun loungers still cost $80.00 freight.
  • I sent an email outlining the above and within 4 days my sun loungers were ready to collect.
  • It’s amazing how quick this happened – I just hope they have fixed the bug.

Why was it so hard to sort out a simple problem and what ever happened to customer support?

Wow! ..what an ordeal to go through – you may have had some similar experiences.

That was my experience
[/su_spoiler] Often I act on behalf of clients on support issues with other businesses.

I do this because I have the skills to speak the language and convey what the client wants to resolve.
I have found this disturbing trend that the larger the company the harder it is to deal with.

Cost Cutting

Cost Cutting

With all the cost cutting something has to fall off and sadly one of these areas looks like support.
The reality is it takes time and skill to deal with a client when an issue happens.

 February 1st, 2015