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WordPress – the future of CMS platforms

We did some exhaustive research using Google Trends when choosing a CMS platform to develop websites.
(CMS – Content Management System – ability to edit content from most computer platforms)
Along with the design platform we are monitoring the use of computer devices to see what trends are happening in the market
WIX is mentioned as this is a trend to attract the DIY market.

If you want to have a look yourself at trends use this link http://www.google.com/trends/

[su_spoiler title=”DIY Builder Trends” style=”fancy”] We have compared the three major players in the market, although there are many more players.
Squarepace is dropping in popularity.


Web Trends

Why WordPress ? – the answer is obvious which is a trend which will continue, due to the large following WordPress has.

Responsive Web Design

Originally the web started with static websites, which means you or a web designer had to upload data to make changes.
Responsive design is based on a fluid grid allowing a website to adapt to most platforms, which can still be a static website or a CMS website.
A lot of firms are now switching to a responsive design to take advantage of the huge growth of smartphones and tablets.
Apart from convenience the tablet and smartphone are cheaper to buy.

Responsive vs satitc design

Computer Hardware Devices

The use of tablets is soaring ahead with smartphones catching up.
The growth in the Laptop market was initially huge, but slowing down as tablets take over as these are smaller lighter and easier to browse the web with.
Smartphones are growing in popularity, especially now with the larger screen sizes with a lot of the newer smartphones.
The desktop computer will always be around for developers.



If you have a website you should be looking towards a responsive design along with a CMS system which makes it easier for you or NZServers or your web developer to manage the site.
The market you should be gearing your website for is the emerging tablet and Smartphone market.

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 January 27th, 2015