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General Support

WordPress is the most popular CMS system used by businesses all over the world.

We have been developing websites since 1998.
Early in the year 2000, we developed a CMS system called ‘Fastpage’ at the request of other web developers.
Fastpage we ceased development on the 1st December 2013.

We have been working with WordPress since 2013 using tried and tested plugins which extend WordPress beyond its core.

We have a package deal that starts from $600.00 up to $1500 for a responsive website subject to confirmation of your requirements.

WordPress is made up of static and post pages which allow greater flexibility.

What is a Post Page

  • A post page is a list of Dynamic Content where articles/Posts are displayed in summary format.
  • The post can have a simple format starting from $47.50 to a more complex format including customised fields.
  • Our support page is a good example of a complex dynamic content post with drop down options.
    Post Page
  • Post pages are suitable for:-
    • Product Listings
    • FAQ pages
    • Help Pages
    • Technical Details


(these prices are exclusive of GST)

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 October 10th, 2018