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General Support

Welcome to the Hurunui/NZServers Website

It’s a Jungle Out There

With so many buzz words used in the web industry it can become a jungle out there.
It can become overwhelming to know which direction to go in and who to trust.
It’s easy to make convincing arguments where the bottom line is what clients say about you.
You can read what clients have said about us by clicking on the link below.

client feedback

Web Hosting plans

We have competitively priced web hosting plans

All our web hosting plans come with a Control Panel (CPANEL) allowing you to manage your web environment.


We like to keep it simple

There is nothing worse than being allocated to a queue or anxiously waiting for a reply from a support ticket. We do have a helpful reference guide but sometimes the best method is to talk. If you are not sure what to do please contact us.

Web Design

We have many options to choose from

With our hosting plans you can create your own web site, use a web designer or we can help you out as we have our own design team who have had many years of experience.

Search Engine

#1 one Spot in Google

Sounds great but what is the real truth behind claims like this?
There are honest firms out there but sadly there are those firms who take your money and run.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Photos taken round Rotherham & Waiau

Hurunui Business Directory

Businesses in Hurunui

Includes Waiau and Rotherham

Background information

Hurunui Web was established to create a local identity in the Hurunui area where the focus would be Rotherham, Waiau and Culverden.
Originally we had a separate website which was duplicating content held in the NZServers website.

The surrounding areas would include Waikari, Harwarden, Hanmer, Amberley and Cheviot.
Initially there was a separate website for Hurunui Web which was a trading division of NZServers.  It made sense to combine the two websites together being easier to maintain.

The shift to North Canterbury was a lifestyle decision.
Initially our first move was Waiau until we could find a suitable house.

We really enjoyed living in Waiau where we met some great people.
The lifestyle was relaxed which was a pleasant change from Christchurch.

We moved to Rotherham and enjoy a rural lifestyle with rural views.


Broadband in the rural areas is a bit of a lotto to what speeds you can get.
There is an excellent WIFI service operated my Amuri.net if you want faster speeds or if you are too far from an ADSL connection point (which is usually a maximum of 8km)

How far are we from Christchurch approx 1.25 hours to the Christchurch boundary. From that point it’s anything up to an hour to negotiate across Christchurch.