About NZServers

The Early Days

It all started back in Carlyle Street Christchurch

Mike Wilkinson and Simon Weller saw a future for the web that in the early days was confined to dial up connections.

It was a new world of confusing jargon, especially when it came to developing software on the web.

Web hosting costs were expensive along with the dial up connections, which restricted the market at that time.
Like any venture, we refined and adapted previous skill sets to get ready for the new market.

I can remember hosting costs were $100 per month for 10MB of disk quota and almost the same allocation for bandwidth.

NZServers began trading around 1998, becoming a company in the year 2002.

Simon Weller and Mike Wilkinson

Web Server Involvemt

We began by leasing space from other web hosting firms.
As we got deeper into PHP and MYSQL, we wanted to control our server environment that began our journey into web hosting.

It wasn’t always plain sailing as we soon realised that cheap wasn’t always the best move that saw us move several times to different hosting centers.

We found that 99% uptime per month could actually mean you could be down for 8 hours per month.
Oh yes, we are picky now on the server location we choose.


The early days we worked out of Carlyle Street in Sydenham as the technology was still evolving but not to the point we could work remotely.

When Simon left for the USA Mike Wilkinson moved from Carlyle Street to work from home.

October 2012 saw a shift to Waiau in North Canterbury, which was a temporary move until we found suitable accommodation.

In late April 2013, we moved to Rotherham in North Canterbury.
In November 2017 we moved to Leithfield Village our current location.

Leithfield Beach