Search Engine Optomisation

How do you stand out in the crowd?

A collection of articles to help you understand what’s involved with SEO

Being found on the web

We all want our business to be found on the web It sounds easy until you try and find something using a search engine. A lot depends on what phrase you use to find something, where search engine like Google

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No One Spot on Google

If it sounds too good to be true it possibly is. If you search for a phrase ‘Christchurch New Zealand’ you are bound to get thousands of results. On that basis how can everyone rank on the first page? There

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Google Webmaster Tools

Get data, tools and diagnostics for a healthy, Google-friendly site. Google Webmaster Tools is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters. Google Webmaster Tools helps you to identify issues with your site and can even let you know

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The design of your website

We sometimes think of the aesthetic look, but there is a little more to a website than a few well designed graphics.   How easy is to find information? This will include the navigation links and a search box Does

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NZServers SEO Costs

This is a guide to what the costs may be Your web site is built with a provision to accept Google Analytics code, which is a small amount of code which resides on every page of your web site. You

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Keeping people on your website

With so many web sites you have to make sure that people can find what they want within the first 8 secounds If people can’t find what they are looking for they will click off A web site is judged

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Faceless Websites

  A website needs to create trust – the problem is so many sites have no real identity to who the owner is. There is no profile picture no street address which can make people suspicious about dealing with you,

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