3 Mclean Drive
RD1, Leithfield, 7481, New Zealand
Phone +64 3 315 6053 +64 3 366 6099
Email support@nzservers.com
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General Support

The support ticket system is easy to use.
The support ticket will be circulated to the support team, to ensure that your support request is received. 

Information on Charges


Your hosting includes a Control Panel called CPANEL.
If you submit a support request where you could have resolved the situation using your CPANEL interface charges may apply.

Locked out of the server

Accidents happen.
If this happens too much we will advise you charges may apply.


If your account has been hacked we have no option to step in and makes changes.
Charges will happen in this situation.

Contact Details

Mike Wilkinson – New Zealand

Phone 03 3156053
Cellphone 0274437083
SKYPE nz50mw
Email support@nzservers.com

Oliver Wilkinson – New Zealand

Phone 0276656751
SKYPE oliver.michael.wilkinson
Email oliver@aurora-arcade.com

John Ressia – Australia

Phone 03 9005 6722
Cellphone 0419 36 1617
SKYPE zandor63
Email jressia@131design.com.au

Support Request