A New Direction for NZServers

The Road Ahead

The last few months have been rough during the COVID-19 lockdown.
On the bright side it gave some time to think about a new direction.

With COVID-19 forcing many many people to work from home it was also time for NZServers to look at a future direction.

With so many people forced to work from home, we experienced first hand a glimpse into the future.

The market has changed dramatically over the years with the focus being on price and DIY.
We are now pulling out of that market focusing on solutions from small business websites to e-commerce solutions.

We have the skills a lot of web designers have never had as we manage our own servers. This gives a unique insight into what is required in the current market.

We are still offering Webhosting but restricting this to existing clients and any solutions based clients for new websites

" Iā€™m now selective with whom I give my energy to. I now prefer to reserve my time, intensity and energy exclusively to those who want solutions. "
Mike Wilkinson