The Lockdown

I was hoping for an quiet time. It was anything but that during the first two weeks as the Internet struggled to keep up with demand.

What we thought was going to be a quiet time ended up as a hectic time for us as people shifted to working from home.

Internet congestion, as loads increased, created a lot of bottlenecks worldwide. 

At times routers collapsed as packets struggled to reach their destination. In the small hours of the night we arranged for a different switch on our server to get data moving to places like Fiji.

A lot of clients working from home forget their passwords creating another issue to get people back on track.

" I realised with larger companies the support structure collapsed. Automated bots were next to hopeless"
Mike Wilkinson

I know for myself being on a Rural connection with a limited bandwidth I had to  raise the bandwidth.
It took me five days to get through to one of the largest ISP’s in New Zealand.
I first tried the phone line being directed to the web.
The automated bot required the assistance of a human which meant back to the phone line.
There was no support email address I could use.

IT is an Essential Service in NZ

It was an extraordinary time we all faced. Being large is not always the best.
I’m proud that NZServers handled all support requests in a timely manner during this time.