Fastpage CMS End of Life

First Published 16th Oct 2014

Fastpage CMS

The software was developed by NZServers back in early part of 2000.
The software was never charged being a FREE module we used to develop websites.
If we update the current PHP version of 5.3 most Fastpage sites will cease to work.
At that point your Fastpage website will be down when we no longer support PHP 5.3

We ceased deployments on Fastpage CMS on the 1st December 2013 as there were far better solutions to use with a far greater number of plugins, themes, and regular updates to help forge your website ahead.

We are already feeling the pain of people still using the out of date Fastpage CMS, which has meant we have had to hold back server updates for PHP. Trying to keep an aging CMS System running is not that far from trying to live in an aging apartment building. Ill-fitting fixtures, flickering electricity, and malfunctioning plumbing are just some of the daily struggles in those old buildings. Similarly, when the basic requirements of modern hosting are a struggle to maintain it has a severe and direct impact on every web host’s quality of life.

Some of the code is now deprecated which will no longer work under PHP 5.4.
Currently, the new server has the option to run PHP 5.3 which will accommodate the current coding used in Fastpage.
As PHP 5.3 is a deprecated product we advise people who are using Fastpage to get a new responsive website.
We gave the opportunity to people before the server shift to upgrade so Fastpage would run under a newer version of PHP.
As no one took the Fastpage upgrade we have completely ceased supporting the product. 

Other products such as Forms and Gallery were plugins for Fastpage also come into the deprecated status