Being found on the web

We all want our business to be found on the web
It sounds easy until you try and find something using a search engine. A lot depends on what phrase you use to find something, where search engine like Google tries to find the most relevant results. The challenge for Google is attempting to ascertain what is pertinent to present the results that depend on the design of your website. The following video featuring Matt Cutts from Google will give you a better insight into how Google works

If you are in a large city, you are competing against a greater number of businesses, making the task of visibility a lot harder to achieve unless your business is unique.
In a smaller area like Hurunui, for example, you have one huge advantage ‘Less competition’ so that makes the task a little easier.

Visibility is not something you leave to chance and hope it will work out. Clarity requires effort and measuring what is working and how you can improve.

When people visit your website the average time a person will spend on your website to find something is 8 seconds – otherwise they click off