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WordPress and Recaptcha V3 Issues

Category: Helpful Information, WordPress
Topics: Plugins

If you are using any form plugin which uses Google ReCatcha Vs 3 no longer uses the usual challenge option. Googles recaptcha V3 no longer […]

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Dynamic IP address got you down?

Category: Helpful Information
Topics: Blocked IP, IP

Stop your IP being blocked by our server by using a Dynamic Host in conjunction with our server settings.

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Optomise Website

Category: Cpanel
Topics: speed

Speed up your website using CPANEL Optomisation setting CPANEL Option CPANEL has a unique feature called ‘Optimise Website’ This sends your website in a compressed mode […]

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WordPress IQ Block Country

Category: WordPress
Topics: Plugins

Attackers/Hackers know when a WordPress site becomes live. The majority of attacks come from the Northern Hemisphere. If you can protect your admin side of […]

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CPANEL Auto SSL Certificates

Category: Cpanel
Topics: SSL Support

CPANEL now includes auto SSL certificates for Mail and CPANEL access. The certificates are automatically renewed after 90 days. Well…that’s the concept and in an […]

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Changing PHP Versions

Category: Cpanel, Helpful Information
Topics: PHP

You change PHP versions by using your CPANEL or Control Panel Accessing CPANEL You can use or Under the software section find this icon […]

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New Server

Category: server
Topics: New Server

16/01/2017 All domains with a valid DNS record have now been shifted to the new server. As from the 27th of January 2017 the old […]

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Category: Cpanel, ssl
Topics: Support

*** NOW RESOLVED ** The SSL certificate known as has been allocated by CPANEL for the logins. Until this issue is resolved please use […]

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Filtering Email Attachments

Category: Cpanel, Email
Topics: Support

A lot of emails received today contain affected zip files The server scans attachments but only up to a certain size, otherwise the server will slow […]

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