IT people exist because of the skills you lack or your time is better spent elsewhere.

Whatever the reason we deal with a lot of IT people who are acting on your behalf, where in reality we should not be involved with IT people as they should have the skills to represent you.

Sadly this is not the situation as most IT people don’t have access to your CPANEL in order to represent you.
If you can’t remember your CPANEL password then please don’t ask the IT people for us to grant them access to your CPANEL.
We will not give IT people access to your CPANEL as that is your responsibility plus it opens up another area of fraud as no doubt many of you have had calls from Microsoft of a compromised system.
We don’t know if IT people who contact us are authorised to act on your behalf so we can’t take that risk and neither should you.
Please if you have IT people please let us know that someone will be contacting us so we know that they are authorised to act on your behalf.

 October 12th, 2018