Keeping people on your website

With so many web sites you have to make sure that people can find what they want within the first 8 secounds
If people can’t find what they are looking for they will click off
  • A web site is judged by the person visiting your web site.
  • What keeps a person on your web site is relevant information which is easily found.
  • If a person can not find the information they will click off until they find a site that does.
A web site is telling a story to people about your business and what people want to hear. It’s not about bombarding people with information, but instead provide snippets of information so people can choose to take the link further. A web site must be measured as it’s not use guessing that your web site is OK. You will have been to web sites where you think ‘Naahh’ not for me so you will know what I mean
This video produced by Google may help you understand the concept