Support Category(s): Helpful Information

The minimum charge is 30 mins of $55.00 per 30 mins excl of GST.
For any support we use Clickup to track any time associated with support, estimates or quotes.


ClickUp allows us to record all support requests, so we can look back and see what issues occur regularly or one-off tasks.
If there is a server related issue we usually resolve this without charge.
Blocked IP’s we track and if we find this happens too often we reserve the right to make a charge and will inform you if we are going to do this.


At times we have no idea of what the cost will be.
In situations like this, we will scope the work and give you an estimate of the time involved.
At any point, you can view this to see how work is progressing.


For the design of a website we will scope the work involved and provide a quote for this.
Anything outside of the scope requested we will inform you if there is any extra charge.