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General Support

Category: Helpful Information
Topic(s): Blocked IP, IP

Brief Excert:

Stop your IP being blocked by our server by using a Dynamic Host in conjunction with our server settings.

Blocked IP’s creating a problem?

NZservers has a solution for you where we can whitelist your dynamic IP address

We introduced blokimg IP’s where there was an excessive number of login failures though email, Cpanel access or webmail.
We also block excessive email logins. If you login more than 60 times per hour you will be blocked as this wastes server resources being unfair on other users.
If you have this problem happening a lot we suggest that you whitelist your dynamic IP or you need a static IP which we can whitelist.

  • Create a Paid or Free account at noip.com
  • Once you have a host name please send this to nzservers using the form below
  • There is a small cost involved of $71.25 excl of GST to set this up on the server.

We strongly advise you go with the paid version you can add more host names plus you don’t have to worry about renewing the free version.
With the paid version you have better control over the host file name.

Additional Information

The $71.25 excl of GST is the cost NZServers charges for setting this up on our server.
(this is a one-time cost)

Once you create a hostname you download the Dynamic Update Client.

It is possible depending on your router to add the hostname directly.
There are instructions on NOIP on how to do this which depends on your router make and model.

Additional Hosts

If your business has multiple locations this is where a paid version allows you generate additional hosts.
You can also download NOIP apps for your Android or iPhone/Ipad which will keep your IP on these devices whitelisted.
I use the NOIP add on several computer devices as I can’t afford the risk of being locked out of the server.

Up to 4 host names included
Enter host names on a seperate line

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 October 4th, 2018