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General Support

Category: Email
Topic(s): Blocked IP, Excessive Polling

Brief Excert:

Many of you you may have been caught by being locked out of the server through excessive email polling. This may block your IP from the server.

Many of you you may have been caught by being locked out of the server through excessive email polling.

This applies to people who feel the need or are unaware that their email client is checking for emails for than 60 times in one hour.

The server recognises that there are times you are waiting on an important email so it will log the time period.
If you keep doing this after a four hour period then you will be blocked by the firewall.

Why are you blocked

Polling or checking emails more than 60 times places an unnecessary load on the server which if left unchecked will disadvantage other people.

what happens if you are blocked by our firewall

Email Problems

Tracking email problems can be time consuming. If you think you are having problems we suggest you take the following steps. Establish that your site can be seen by our server by simply typing your website name into a browser. If you can not see your site, then the chances are you have been blocked by our firewall. First establish that it is not your ISP (Internet Service Provider) - people you connect to the web with.

Step One

Please click on the following link to check the status of your connection [su_list icon="icon: hand-o-right" icon_color="#00B8E5"]

You will see an IP number please send an email to nz50mw@gmail.com with the details of your ISP's email address.
We suggest you use an alternate email address to send the email.
You can Skype us on nz50mw and leave a message or send a text to 027 4437083 with the IP number and your domain name.
Note:- The Gmail address is used as your IP which you send from may be blocked by our server. (note if this happens on a regular basis we may decide to make a charge for this)

Step Two

Make sure that your IP in not on the following Real Time Blocking Lists (RBL) [su_list icon="icon: hand-o-right" icon_color="#00B8E5"]

Our Server makes checks on these four RBL lists


Use http://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check to see if your IP is on a blacklist


If this happens once we normally unblock you, but if these keeps happening we will make a charge of


excl of GST to unblock you.

Email Clients are normally set by default to check emails every 5 minutes.
Smartphones like Apple have a feature called ‘Fetch’


Normally Fetch should be set to Manual
If you want more information please check this link – SMTP info

How do you know if you are blocked

You will not be able to see your own website.
One quick fix is to unplug your router which will assign you a new IP (this will not work if you have a static IP)

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 September 19th, 2017