Your own security

One of the largest threats to your website security is loose passwords.
Please ensure that have a strong email password.
The server now allows all email connections to use a signed SSL certificates.
If you are still using Ports 26 or 110 please update your ports to a secure port.

Scam/Phishing Emails

Hackers will often try to trick you by sending an email about how you need to login to ensure your email account stays up to date.
Never open these emails – if you are unsure your gut instinct is often right.
Delete the email.

The following video may help in recognising these emails


If you have ever clicked on one of these links you may have Malware on your computer.
We have a support article on how to install Malaware Bytes

Anti Virus Software

You need to make sure you have a good antivirus software running on your computer.
There are some excellent free applications which will work on your computer.
Just because your computer may have come with a free trial version you can still install a 100% free anti virus software.

Server Security

Some of you will have found out that if you enter the wrong email or CPANEL passord you will find yourself locked out of the server.
Another way to lock yourself out of the server is to check your emails more than 60 times in one hour.
While this appears a pain the server is trying to prevent illegal access to the server.

The server uses several firewalls to protect attacks

  • CSF Firewall
  • Log Failure Daemon
  • Mod Security
  • Signed SSL certificates for emails and access to CPANEL

In addition to the above protection, each website is isolated in a cage, called Cage FS

Using CPANEL Two Factor Authentication

Worried about security? You can enable two-factor authentication

 September 16th, 2017