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General Support

Unmetered does not mean unlimited.
While most people play fair, there a few people who abuse the amount of disk space used.

Recently a client’s domain was attacked by a Malicious Bot.
Luckily this was on a metered plan which shut down the site before too much bandwidth was lost/
In one day 47GB of unseen data was used by the bot.
The result of this had an impact on other users.
If this has been an unlimited or unmetered account, then it may have gone undetected.

We will introduce bandwidth and quota limits again to protect the server and others.

IMAP stores emails on the server.

There are some users where the total number of email accounts has exceeded 10GB of space.
While this is not an issue, this does impact the server if the backups run after 7 am clashing with users clearing emails at this time.
When this happens, loads push higher than we would like.

If you are using IMAP, please play fair and remove unwanted emails.
If you want to send large attachments, consider using Dropbox.
If people send you large attachments, please download the attachment then remove the email.

If you need a large amount of space for your emails, we suggest that you use GMAIL or the paid version of GMAIL, which will cost approx $25 per year which will give you 25GB of email space.
The free version will give you 15Gb of space.
If you use the free version, there are ways of popping the emails from our server and sending through our server using GMAIL.

Because of this situation, we will be placing an arbitrary limit of 10GB on unmetered accounts in the new year, plus backups will cease.


 June 25th, 2017