We have touched on this subject several times.

Approx 85% of all emails received are unwanted emails.

Ref for S P A M

This is hideous as apart from wasting computer resources means as a person owning an email account has to deal with a lot of unwanted emails some which are dangerous.
Within CPANEL are tools to deal with unwanted emails which assumes you are familiar with CPANEL and how to use filters otherwise you receive raw emails.

Compromised Email Accounts

We have had it happen a few times where an email password has got into the hand of Spammers.
We do limit the number of emails sent to 500 per hour for this very reason.
Please read further down about compromised social network accounts.
If you receive an email asking for access to your email account – it’s a hacker trying to gain access to your email account.
We will never send you emails like that.

Filtering Unwanted Emails

The server filters thousands of emails using Real-Time Blocking lists known as RBL.
Spammers today use compromised computers as a result of someone by mistake clicking on the wrong site or opening an email containing Malware.
We see this trend in the computer logs where unwanted emails come from many different IP addresses meaning it’s usually from a compromised computer controlled by a Net Bot.
We have to be careful that we don’t block valid emails.

Many Hosting companies are not supporting emails

The support factor is huge in providing email services.
This mainly applies to server resources and time dealing with so much rubbish.
What we try to do is chop the known sources of SPAM before it hits the mail processing.

SPAM Via cheap TLD

We have blocked a lot of the cheap TLDs (Top Level Domain) which spammers pick up at a low cost using the TLD to spam through.
Reference TLD

We have no idea of how you are going to deal with emails.
Some of you will use an email client like Outlook which has its method of dealing with unwanted emails.

Banning by IP address is a waste of time. Spammers use home computers to ensure different a different IP address is used each time.
Lowering the score on S P A M ASSASIN is equally as dangerous as you will more than likely remove valid emails.

Compromised Social Networks and Services

If you belong to LinkedIn, Dropbox, Facebook then the chances are your email address belongs to spammers as these sites were compromised by hacks.
You need to check if your email address has been compromised by using the link below.


How serious is this? From my last check over 5,115,553,456 email addresses were obtained by hackers by breaking into sites.

 October 3rd, 2018