A lot of the large web hosting firms in the USA have sold out to a large web hosting firm called EIG which relies mainly on affiliate sales.
In the quest to become the largest like any takeover something has to give and that is often support and maintenance.
Without going into too much detail just Google EIG Web Hosting and reach your own conclusions.

Today the web hosting market is predominantly driven by price as a means of competing.
Price amongst the jargon is something most people understand but doesn’t tell the whole story.

We have never wanted to be in that market so we are changing our focus from web hosting to web solutions.

Solutions will always rely on reliable web hosting which is why:-

  • We use CloudLinux alongside CPANEL to allow more options.
  • We offer FREE SSL solutions.
  • We allow you to choose from PHP 5.3 to PHP 7.2
  • We carry out backups every 2nd day and monthly should you ever get stuck
  • Our support structure is simple.
  • We do not overcrowd the server
  • We do monitor a heavy user account where any excess activity of automatically throttled by a feature in CloudLinux.
  • All accounts work inside a Jailshell under the control of CloudLinux which protects other accounts should an account be compromised.
    (this allows us to run multiple versions of PHP safely)
  • We do monitor unusual activity, so if you forget a password you will know what we mean.
  • If your email is with us and there is a problem we can usually identify the problem as we have Linux logs to check through.


 October 3rd, 2018